Are you willing to choose differently and take back control?​

Seek your inner truth and Defeat your past so you can Design the life you were created for!​

Helping Kingdom seeking mommas and solo-preneurs take courageous actions that build confidence and create breakthroughs so you an increase your peace while you design the life you were created for!

Are you willing to choose differently to take back control?​


Juggling all the plates?

It’s time to learn how to put down the plates, stop the juggling act and intentionally choose every step..


​Seeking more peace?

Seeking your inner truth will allow you to find more peace and lessen the chaos.


Feeling like you are not making progress?​

Are you in a pattern where you try something, it works for a bit and then you hit a brick wall so you pivot and try something else? 


Stuck in the daily mundane reactions?

Living a reactive lifestyle.  Living out of obligation instead of by the choices that are best for you and your household and/or business?

How I can help you take the next steps?


Seek Your Inner Truth​

Need to start with identifying what you may have missed.

(we all need another set of eyes sometimes)


Defeat Your Past

Ready to conquer what holds you back and know you need someone to be by your side while you do it. 

(None of us were meant to walk this journey alone)


Design Your Future​

Desire to design something different and need someone to be the visionary or bring your vision into the details?

(We can’t always bring a vision to fruition without someone else being able to to help us expand beyond our own imagination)

The most important and transformative relationship is the one you have with yourself.​

Dena Adams​

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About Me

I’m full of life experience, years of education (no degree),and have helped others change their lives, reach new heights, and transform your personal life and business.

Waking with me on your journey to design the life you were created to live is like having the answer key to a test. Why? I walk in integrity, faith, and lead from Holy Spirit and my natural giftings of intuition, faith and messenger.

This is your time to lessen the chaos and increase your peace. You are the only one that can do the work. This is your time.

Books & Journals​

I currently have some journals on amazon. You can see them below.

Book Cover
Journal Anything​

From $13.00​

Journal Anything was created to empower you to grow in your journaling. There are many covers to choose from. Click “Get Your Copy” Then you can search “journal anything dena adams” to see other cover options.

Book Cover
You Matter Journal​

From $10.00

You Matter Journal was created to remind you that you matter and so does your story.

Book Cover
Just Smile​

From $23.95​

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March 12, 2021​

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March 12, 2021​

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